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The access to the sidewalk on the 11th Street Bridge is already blocked from Anacostia Park (it was seven days ago at least) so you can check that one off the list.

It was open on Sunday.

I'm getting a 404 on the Eisenhower Ave Bike Trail link. Do you have another link for that?

Deb: use the second link. in a nutshell, the trail part of the new ramp from NB Telegraph to Eisenhower was originally scheduled to be done in 2010. Won't be done now until they widen the Telegraph Rd bridge over Cameron Run.

Yeah, I updated the first link to be the same as the second. At another point the website says the trail will open spring/summer 2010, so clearly they aren't maintaining it religiously.


I definitely do! I'll just write this out to "cash"JT

It's funny to go back and look at that comment. I was floored that CaBi did not have as much neighborhood opposition as I so pessimistically predicted.

You said October 2011 for completion of the Rock Creek Trail bridge over Veirs Mill Road. However, the bridge is pretty much done already, and this page at MNCPPC estimates Spring 2011 opening:


Yeah I got confused. The Gazette put it as October 2010 at one point and I mis-reported that as October 2011.

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