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Same here. You'd think after watching me do it daily for a decade they'd have figured it out!

Guess I'm lucky. After two years of commuting now, people in my building who care enough to say anything about it have moved on to asking "How was the ride in/home today/yesterday?"

I do still get a disproportionate number of "have a safe trip home" comments. No one ever told me that when I walked to metro and took the train home and I don't hear it said to people who drive to work, even when the weather is nasty. I've resorted to just saying, "Thanks. You too." I don't feel like getting into a long conversation with any of them about cycling not being any more dangerous than other modes of transportation, especially as I'm headed out the door to go home.

I'd rather ride in weather like this than in the blistering heat. Much more pleasant--and interesting, what with the ice and snow.

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