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An "RSVP using Facebook" requirement presumes everyone *has* a Facebook account. Some of us haven't quite risen to that level of shameless and vapid self-promotion yet. ;)

Back when my roommates and I would throw parties, we didn't give out directions - just an address. We figured if you couldn't find your way to our house with just the address, we didn't want you there. We were applying natural selection to our party participants.

Maybe that's what they're doing. If you don't have facebook, you aren't actually invited?

If that's the criterion, maybe it's a good thing.

Blue-eyed Devil: it's true many people don't have a Facebook account. But you can create one without being in any way vapid and self-promoting. You don't have to provide anything more than a name and email address, really, and you can lie about the name if you want to.

I did my own coldest day of the year ride early this morning. It had warmed up to 17 degrees by the time I was done!

Not that cold.

Thanks, antibozo. I'll consider that. Hope the ride went well.

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