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My spine can attest that the NE branch trails in Maryland are still glaciated in decent stretches. I'm new to the blog, so maybe this has been discussed, but would it be a good idea to call MNCPPC and ask them to consider plowing at least some of the more easily accessible sections? Maybe at least try to get on their maintenance crews' work lists for the next storm?

Greenbelt, it hasn't been discussed specifically, but it has generally. Usually in reference to other trails. But yes, I would say a phone call, email or letter would be a good idea. CC your County Board member too.

OK, I called MNCPPC and a very nice help desk person confirmed with maintenance that they don't plow trails. She suggested that cyclists use the link on the pgparks.com homepage (on the right) to submit requests (there's a link to a survey monkey questionaire under the "how are we doing?" guy). You can just click to the end of the survey and enter comments asking for snow removal on trails, at least on sections of the trail where that would be feasible. She suggested that was the best way for commuters to make it known that we'd like snow removal if possible, and that the request would likely be taken seriously.

the request for plowing won't be taken seriously. it is the POLICY of MNCPPC to not plow the trails as their signs clearly indicate and celebrate on the trails.

ask them why that's the policy....and then they are silent. classic bureaucrat.

dont bother asking the MoCO Council either...they can barely keep the schools running, the electricty on and traffic barely moving on the main arterials. bicycles simply dont figure.

of course all this is yet another insult to bicyclists. MNCPP is as arrogant and clueless as the NPS. I predict that not in my life time will we see:

the CCT trail repaved.


snow removal.

Interesting that for the last snow, MNCPPC salted the bridges on the Sligo Creek trail over to the NE Branch but didn't touch the trail itself. Contrast this to DDOT who had the Met Branch trail plowed less than 24 hrs after the snow stopped.

"Arrogant" and "clueless" are certainly apt descriptors for both NPS and MNCPPC. A call to your PG County councilmember is probably the best long term strategy, nothing is going to happen soon, but more voices calling out will hasten the process. Some of the PG council (i.e. Eric Olsen) are very good on alternative transportation issues.

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