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At least one of the bike staple racks in that little sitting area on the MBT has been installed incorrectly. I don't have a photo of it though.

I was excited to see them and thought the same thing! Some dude approached me and a friend during the summer and asked if we would use racks instead of the fence if provided. I think I said something like "of course, if they look safe, I just pick the most secure place to lock."

I think this was after I saw that Philly video of someone stealing a bike by removing a streetsign and lifting it off the post.

The National Gallery of Art is grateful to those who recognized the incorrectly installed bike racks along Constitution Avenue NW. They will be reinstalled correctly.

How great that we have a comment and response already! Nice job, National Gallery of Art.

Great to hear that they'll be reinstalled correctly. I look forward to using them soon during my next trip to the Gallery! (which, unrelated, is perhaps my favorite museum in this town)

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