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The whole "gas tax is a user fee" argument is nonsense. Do excise taxes on liquor and tobacco belong only to the drinking and smoking communities?

Transit might pay for itself if we didnt subsidize cars.

If gas taxes were truly designed as a user fee, than I'd be more sympathetic to all of this, but they aren't. State and federal governments frequently steal from this pool of money when it's running a surplus. When it's running a deficit (as now) they supplement it with general revenue. And they don't use it to actually cover all the costs of driving (pollution for example). So if they want to truly isolate it and raise it the level needed to fund roads and driving they could convince me that we need to find another way to fund transit, walking and biking - such as the general budget. I'd love it if they performed the magic handwaving to fund these items with general tax money instead of the Highway Trust Fund. But as it's all a shell game anyway, it's kind of a stupid complaint.

This is what seems to happen when a Republican first encounters modern federal transportation issues--they make knee-jerk auto-centric and/or anti-Democratic-Party statements (if the Dems like bicycles, I must hate them!). Hopefully his constituents will educate him post haste.

As Ray LaHood keeps pointing out, more bike infrastructure is "what the people want."

I was reading bikesnob over lunch and anecdotes that so many more people are riding now that there are bike lanes.

It's amazing how those founding fathers provided for an invention that hadn't yet been invented (the car)! What a fool, but a dangerous fool.

I believe this is what Duncan Hunter Jr was implying:

The Commerce Clause gave the new national government control over the waterways, as well as embyronic railroads and eventually telegraph lines, oil and gas pipelines, interstate highways and airlines. It has assured the free flow of all goods and services between the states. The Commerce Clause is the foundation of our private-enterprise system.

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