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The police can't help? Can't you just prove that you purchased this bike (receipt from bike store, craiglist email exchange, photos of you on the bike, receipts of parts on the bike would show it is yours) and and then they could cut the lock and return the stolen property? This is crazy.

This guy is dumb. If he wants his bike back, he should walk right into the bike store (20 feet away), buy a kryptonite chain, and lock his property to the same pole until the thief comes back and hopefully reclaims their own chain. While he's waiting for the thief, he should walk a block to Logan Hardware and buy a bolt cutter, return and get his bike back. He'd be out less than $100, and he'd have his property back.

A scornful note might assuage your feeling of righteous indignation, but it's not likely to get him his bike back without additional action on his part.

The thief will not do the right thing, as implied by his prior record.

Is this a video? If so what format? None of my browsers can make anything of it. Just curious as it's not the first time it's happened on WashCycle although presumeably it's a problem with the TV stations' choice of codec.

It is a video and it works fine for me in chrome and firefox. Here's the link


Agreed. You should have alt-text to indicate to browsers that cant see this what it is.

Good reason to register your bike. Then you would have the proof you need when talking to the cops.

what good is the sign when the thief has abandoned the bike?

Dan, I was unaware, until now, that people couldn't see it.

I suppose thing are different everywhere, but I remember a particular story I think in the Seattle area where the stolen bike was found, and the police cut the lock off for the actual owner of the bike. Can't remember the details, like what they did to prove it was their bike, but it does seem odd that the police would say they could do nothing!

The cops did not cut the lock because the guy was not sure if the bike was his or not. I have no idea how this made the news.

If it was my bike, I'd consider using a BIG padlock and chain to lock it up, while I decided what to do next.

It would really have helped if he'd registered it and still had the receipt, so that he could prove it was his.

This is pretty common. The guys stealing bikes often lock them up in a few places with cheep chains and let them cool off or as parts stashes for a while. There used to be a collection of rotating bikes and wheels south of Dupont Circle locked to an iron fence on 19th street.

I agree, if it's his, he needs to rent some bolt cutters from Fragers for $5 and go cut it loose. It'll ride off with the theif some night and be gone.

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