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I occasionally reverse commute on the Custis, and I'm amazed at how many cyclists I see, regardless of weather.

Interesting contrast on the CCT this morning. From downtown Bethesda to River Road it had been plowed to a thin snow pack yesterday that was mostly clear pavement today. No plowing or salting from River Road to the water treatment plant. But the trail had been heavily salted sometime over the weekend from just past the water treatment facility to about a half mile past Fletcher's Boat House and was totally clear pavement. The rest of the way to Georgetown has clear sections because of the southern exposure, but that also created ice in some sections covering the trail.

"OT: My TV now is connected to the internet. Is this the begining of the end of the blog? "

Say it ain't so! This is my first read of the day, well after the Post anyway. Must be deservedly bad karma for avoiding my ride today out of fear of glare ice.

CaBi's Winter Warrior leaderboard was just released, and can provide some data - hopefully the first step towards crowdsourcing even more about demand patterns, usage, etc.

I ran a few quick numbers: http://bikearlingtonforum.com/showthread.php?435-CaBi-s-Winter-Warrior-leaderboard

I'm on the leaderboard, though far behind those top two guys. Those two are averaging 3 round-trips a day. I don't know if I can catch them. If not, at least I hope to qualify for the "perfect attendance" prizes, whatever that is.

Ha, my buddies created the Frederick Bicycle Coalition, and it's no accident that the first bike rack (and from what I recall, it IS the first rack in Frederick) went up in front of Brewer's Alley. It's a favorite post-mountain/road-bike-ride gathering place for the locals. Good to see it mentioned in the press.

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