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These seemed to work fairly well when I first saw them further out west on the W&OD. I was in that area a couple weeks ago, and alas, it seemed that the drivers I saw had become used to them and were driving as ridiculously fast through the crossings as they used to.

Don't the bicyclists have a stop sign? I don't see a stop sign for the drivers or a slow sign. Typically, the bicyclists do not stop at STOP signs. They are the ones who do not obey the traffic laws.

@Rich: That's what the crosswalk is for.

Whether or not the cyclists have a stop sign, the crosswalk indicates that traffic is required to stop for crossing cyclists and pedestrians.

To add to what Ron said, in the State of Virginia a stop sign is a traffic control that applies only to operators of vehicles on a roadway. A bike path or a crosswalk is not a roadway and a cyclist operating there is not considered a vehicle operator.

If VDOT wants motorists to have right of way they should remove the crosswalk markings.

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