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That bench looks dangerously wide, as well. Only prudent to fence off half of it.

Where is it being moved to? Is this a permanent change?

Yes. Once the Humpback Bridge is finished, the trail will go around the memorial on the street side instead of the river side.

washcycle venting a little anger, is he?...

satan understands...

The trail will be back in the same place (without the cracks) This trail spur will go into a tunnel underneath the Humpback bridge to cross into Columbia Island Marina, and eventually beyond...

You can see the layout here. So the MVT will move, but Mole is correct that the spur will probably go right past these benches as before.

It's a familiar landmark for me - almost exactly 2 miles from the "corkscrew bridge" by TR Island to here, which is a nice distance for tempo intervals (for runners)

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