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Hey there, I'm one of the team members of weBike. I appreciate you picking up on mention in the Post!

I just wanted to throw a thought on there in terms of our niche, since you mentioned it seemed odd. The service weBike offers is targeting a completely different market than Bixi, Bcycle,. The cost to put on systems of that nature (station-based) runs ~$4k per bike. Our system can be implemented for less than $600 per bike. Since only large cities can really afford to shell that level of cost and infrastructure, n station-based systems solutions to bike sharing will not fly for the rest of the markets out there - college campuses, small communities and developments, corporate campuses, etc.

That's where an affordable, more customize-able option comes into play, and it's the reason why weBike's system exists. Our aim is to empower anyone to implement bike sharing in their community. Since the trend is finally catching on and growing in the US market, the demand for systems that can deliver what customers need is high .. and the market is open for any system that can prove successful.

If you want a bit more details on what we're actually doing right now with weBike, check out this article, which has a bit more depth than the Wash Post article..

Thanks for the mention!

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