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Any word if this is still going on, past the 20th?

Was there ever an investigation or publicly released report regarding the collision in which Constance Holden was killed?

ontarioroader. There had to be an investigation, I think that's law. The Major Crash Unit would do it. I don't know if it's complete. Something I would have my intern do, if I had one, is figure out how to FOIA the crash reports for bicycle fatalities and then do that going back as far as they could. But I can barely keep things going as it is. If someone wanted to do that, I'd publish it all here. Maybe Struck in DC can take that on.

I thought that there was an investigation, and it was concluded as simply that the truck driver could not see her.

It is still going on, but the New York Ave. entrance is always locked unless you have a card. Enter on the 12th and H side of the building.

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