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That area between the yellow and green lines looks just like a boot print.

That's the old race track. I wish they had found a way to go through that development instead of around it. But I'm very excited about Phase II of this - which is basically new from the previous alignment.

I would not be surprised if trail users cut through that development instead of following the trail all the way around. I don't know how easy that will be on a bike, due to curbs and turns, but on foot it seems it will almost definately happen.

Is it your understanding that they have abandoned the yellow route? That's how I am reading it, but I am not sure if that's correct.

CERCLA is more commonly knowns as "Superfund". I wonder if the cleanup there has already started, or if we will need to wait for a long, protracted remediation before getting the more direct connection.

I think they're abandoning the yellow route. As I understand it (based on rumor and my memory) the green route is what DDOT originally wanted, but NPS said no. But then, in this round, they actually decided that it would be less disruptive, so DDOT got the alignment they wanted.

Yeah, I think we have to wait for the superfund site to be cleaned up.

Nice write up. I didn't see the map before.

I am not sure if this is where WC found it, but you can get to the map if you poke around the website that had the press release - go to the Park and Planning website (which is a central page for all NPS projects, nationwide), and then the documents section. There was a single page Word doc with this image file on it, no additional explanation that I could find.

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