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haven't used bikeshare in a while -- but I have noticed that the stations I walk by are suspiciously empty.

I commute on the trail along National Airport and over the 14th st bridge and missed only one day in the last month - what amazed me was that I saw someone going the other way on a CABI bike between DC and Crystal City every day with perhaps one exception. One day when the weather was so bad that one would stop to commiserate with oncoming bikers (and take a break) a CABI rider told me, "I'm not going to ride my own bike in weather like this!" (I'm not sure CABI would care for this.)

@michael n

I see those CaBi riders between DC and the airport as well. Hardy bunch to ride this distance with those Bixies every day...

I've never stopped to talk though... :-)

Someone STOLE the bungee from my folding bike! I looked online and you can order a new one (for a price).

It wasn't me Liz. I swear.

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