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as is the reference to "blowing through lights without slowing down" which never actually happens

Sit at New Hampshire and 17th for 10 minutes during morning commute hour. It "actually happens" a lot.

I had to walk a couple sections of the Mount Vernon Trail between Belle Haven Park and Tulane Drive. They were short sections though and should be gone entirely by Sunday.

No one's "blowing through that intersection". If someone's riding through that intersection without slowing down, it's because they're going slow enough to determine whether it's safe. Otherwise, they'd be getting hit by cross-traffic. When was the last time a cyclist was hit there while jay-biking?

Maybe everyone's just incredibly lucky? Or is it just that DC region's drivers are the most skilled on Earth?

Yeah, oboe, they are, by any reasonable definition of the term.

In the most egregious example I can remember offhand, I was sitting at that light, which was solidly red when I got there, when 3 bikes came whipping by me into the intersection. One went straight through, two went left onto 17th, and a southbound car had to brake to avoid hitting them.

You wanna be an apologist for it, fine. You wanna win an argument on the Internet, stretch semantics as far as you want. But the behavior the article is talking about, and people's negative reaction to it, are real. And we're not doing ourselves any favors by pretending it's not.

who's the "we," chiggins? WHICH "people" are reacting? you mean the people already blinded to the monoculture and unearned privilege of the car?...

i ALWAYS hear this injunction!: that SOMEHOW the behavior of one cyclist tars the reputation of all cyclists...WHERE IS THE DAMN EVIDENCE for this assertion? -- THERE ISNT ANY. STOP USING THIS IDIOTIC LINE OF ANALYSIS!

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