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Interesting . . I figured they would route the trail along the service road, which is very wide and has, as you indicated, new pavement. I can't imagine that road will see much (vehicle) traffic - it would presumably be closed to vehicles except those that need to service utilities, etc.

It will use the road. That is just the route to the bridge they're building over the rr tracks.

This project is really moving at a snail's pace. The NPS last week just issued a new announcement on northern parts of the trail.


It's slow, but at least there is a prospect for progress. From the press release, I was pleased to see this statement " At a point upstream from the Langston Golf Course, a new bridge would be built across the Anacostia River that would connect the trail to NPS land on the west side of the river, adjacent to the National Arboretum. This segment of the trail would then link to streets in the surrounding neighborhood, via the existing National Arboretum roadway system."

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