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Some of the more oddball parts of TE (museums, rest stops, etc) don't carry over to the proposed new livability formula funds, and certainly wouldn't get funded under the discretionary grant portions.

VDOT would find their rest stop money where it rightfully belongs, in the highway safety fund, which roughly doubles.

Pretty dull. Of course, Vincent Gray isn't the kind of person likely to recommend the merging of functions along the lines of MTA in SF or Transport for London under Ken Livingstone.

Speaking of London, what has current Mayor Boris done regarding transit. I know he is keen on bikes, but have not heard much about other modes.

London is spending billions on their crossrail project.

And by billions, I mean $20 billion. For one city. For one transit line. Could you imagine something like that in america?


transition team doesn't really consider biking to be transportation

I believe there's a common sentiment in a certain demographic (i.e. black folks over the age of 60) that bike riding is for crack-heads and white yuppie gentrifying devils. And given that the two main report authors are Barry-Era DDOT and DPW directors, it wouldn't shock me to find you're correct.

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