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I think Herrity has already made a statement, and it rhymes with puce flag

This is why friends don't let friends vote Republican. Though where I live in liberal Montgomery County even the Republican politicians (once upon a time when we had some) supported bikes and transit.

Jack: I don't want bikes to turn into a GOP/Dem issue. We should argue to the GOP that bikes
1. Are the ultimate in expression of personal freedom
2. Reduce our dependence on foreign oil
3. Cause less costly impacts on the roads
4. Are fully funded under current taxes, and do not require large ongoing subsidies like transit or roads
5. Teach children to be responsible at an early age
6. Are fiscally sound decisions for individulas
7. Are examples of a successful transport system that is presently free from most government interference.

We just need to find a way to put guns in there, and we are hitting most of the GOP hot button issues.

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