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If DC's bike profile is a CaBi, Virginia's is a bike with a car fender looming within 3 feet.

2 feet, Darren, 2 feet.

Yep...2 feet.

It's only taken 7 years and $81,650 to get Mr. Brzezinski to agree to have a trail built in front of his property. Negotiations were started in 2004 by Supervisor DuBois and there's been a running battle since then to come to terms. It shouldn't take that long to build a trail on one piece of property. The Post wrote about this on April 9, 2006. From the article: "One resident said the push to build a sidewalk on Spring Hill Road was like 'negotiating a strategic arms treaty.'"

"One issue that hasn't been mentioned is that the street-grid EOTR is just awful. Each little neighborhood appears to be turned at it's own angle, many streets don't go through and it all looks kind of suburban. DC really dropped the ball when they let it develop like that."

Let it develop like that?!!! oh man, satan is gettinga good laugh about this one!!

Richard LAymen im sure has lots of useful insight about what washcycle has correctly pointed out is the rather "suburban" (cue the howling laughter!) layout of EOTR! it wasnt always this way...and the history of EOTR and it demogrpoahics is interesting...

but it is a disaster now, and will be for generations to come...the people who live their are simply existing, not living as, for example, jefferson would have imagined enlightenment citizens to live...

@BruceW. I agree that it ought not take $81,560 to build a trail in front of Brzeninski's trail.

But the account says that the trail will be built on his property. So the government needs to pay fair market value. Fair market value of a trail being put through your front yard is presumably a combination of the vaue of front yards in that neighborhood, plus or minus the impact of having a trail in your front yard on market value.

I can imagine a locality starting out by offering too little, a property ocounterofferring too high, and appraisers having no idea but having to come up with a number.

I'll take Brzeninski any day over the owners of land along the Potomac River south of National Harbor, where there already is an easement accoss their land--and they still are managing to block the trail and have almost persuaded the locality to donate the easements back to them.

Can someone tell why why NPS does not salt/plow. Just yesterday I was on the MVT. The trail past Belle Haven was dangerous I don't care what kind of tires you have. All it needed was some salt with very little plowing. I was so disappointed.

@mary mcelroy, they told me last year that do not clear trails because they want to preserve snow for cross-country skiers (!), and the wood bridge sections allegedly can't support plow equipment. FWIW, voice your displeasure to the George Washington Memorial Parkway park superintendent.

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