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I'm late to this party, but is the ICC trail going to run directly adjacent to the highway the whole way, as in the picture?

Carbon monoxide, anyone?

Wow, the ICC just opened and it's already a parking lot! (I think one of those cars is mine).

@Just161, If only it could be that close to the highway. Instead the state is only putting it near the highway for only about 50% of its length. For the rest, trail users will have to take some pretty long detours along arterial roads like New Hampshire Ave. and Georgia Ave. Get ready to cross driveways, side streets, gas station entrances, strip malls entrances, etc. But the parts that are along the highway will generally not be inches away like on the bridges. The parts I saw looked more like 30 to 40 feet. That's well within my tolerance on a trail like this which, if done right from start to finish, would be like the W&OD and Custis Trails along I-66.

The first part of the ICC Trail, between Emory Lane and Needwood Road is open. I rode it two weekends ago. Not a bad little 2 mile trail. It's not right up against the highway the entire way. A short trip down Needwood Road gets you to the Lake Needwood Park Entrance and connects to the Rock Creek Trail.

The plan for the ICC Trail is, to save money, for the trail to follow the existing sidepaths on Emory Lane and Georgia Ave back to the ICC Trail, where another section of trail is already scheduled to be built down to Layhill Road.

Going east from there, the exact route of the trail is still to be determined. The next section, with the potential for a connection with the Matthew Henson Trail, should be really interesting.

Dan, next time you go out there, could you get a photo of it?

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