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I expect that the UCI and WADA will appeal the Spanish federation's decision to clear Contador. I think the story is far from over.

Armstrong is training for triathlons now, but it's not clear whether he's going to enter the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. There are a lot of indications that he will indeed race there.

I still haven't heard about any really convincing evidence against him re the doping allegations. It's possible, but I find it hard to trust the primary source. Floyd Landis is an admitted doper and an admitted liar. He is also guilty of wire fraud (for soliciting and raising all of that money for his legal defense fund when he was fighting the decision to strip him of the Tour de France title). In addition to all that, there is a potentially massive financial reason for him to lie about all this. I've read about a possible legal claim he could have against Armstrong if he were ever able to convince others that Lance was a doper, to the tune of a few million dollars. Landis has lost his career and most of his income prospects after his doping scandal. He needs money desperately. All reasons why he makes a horrible witness. Unless there are reliable positive drug tests for Armstrong, I don't see how the feds could ever charge him with anything. Who would ever believe Landis' testimony in court? Not me. The prosecutors probably would never call him as a witness anyway.

Re the hybrid cars, I think the new Chevy Volt (GM's entry into the electric car/hybrid market) has an optional switch that adds an artificial noise to the car, to help alert pedestrians and cyclists of the car's presence. However, since it seems that the driver has to activate the mechanism manually, I don't think many drivers would actually use it.

The Chevy Volt is being rolled out slowly across the country. The D.C. area is one of the first markets to see sales to regular consumers.

So is there no drug testing in triathlons? :)

Also, I've ridden a bike next to several electric and hybrid/electric vehicles running under only electric power. I really didn't find the lack of [internal combustion] engine noise a problem because a significant amount of what you hear from a car is tire noise [sound of the tires rolling on the street]. This noise is the same regardless of what type of engine the car has. I think pedestrian safety groups would be far better off focusing their efforts on getting the auto industry to stop putting distracting gadgets in cars. I'd love to see federal vehicle standards include a mandatory Faraday cage built into the body of all automobiles. This would probably cut pedestrian/driver injuries and fatalities more than any other singe action.

I think the solution to the silent hybrid vehicle problem is obvious: require all hybrids (and full electrics) to make sounds like the Jetsons' car. :^)

More seriously, a switch-activated noisemaker isn't such a bad idea in combination with law and education. Think of it like a bicycle bell. Possibly it could be automated using some kind of proximity sensor. Some drivers occasionally tap their horns when passing but what's needed is a less-than-full-horn-blast alert noise.

ontarioroader: so you think people in cars shouldn't be allowed to listen to the radio? ;^)

Anyone who still believes that Armstrong never doped will never be convinced by any evidence. Which is fine enough. But when they start playing internet lawyer re: Landis, it gets hard to leave it alone . . . :)

I'll be convinced when there's evidence. I'm not denying the possibility that he doped. Of course I know about the extensive doping history in pro cycling. It would be foolish to say that it's impossible that Armstrong ever doped. But there has to be reliable evidence before smearing his name.

I'm not necessarily a huge fan of his, but there needs to be evidence. Landis doesn't qualify.

Contador's case is different because there was a positive drug test. If they show a reliable positive drug test for Armstrong, that would change the situation immensely.

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