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The Constance Holden segment was in Art Beat.


"(Feb. 21-April 8) REMEMBERING CONSTANCE Constance Holden's life was cut short last April when she was hit by a military truck while biking to work at Washington's American Association for the Advancement of Science. Her former employer celebrates her life, work and passion with an exhibit of her oil paintings through early April."

Crews were chipping ice on the MBT near the NY Ave station this morning. They've been doing a great job cleaning trash and trimming weeds too lately. Even salting ice patches. I think they're DC city, but not sure. Either way, much appreciated. I never think to stop and take pictures, but it's great to see.

Can anybody post the details of the NW branch cleanup? I don't have Facebook and the event is visible to the non-Facebook public, it seems.


WHAT: Northwest Branch and Hiker-Biker Trail Cleanup organized by Pick Up America (co-sponsored by the Mount Rainier Bike Co-op). Pick Up America and its groups will focus primarily on the branch/stream itself near West Hyattsville Metro (about mile 1.5 on the NW Branch Bike Trail). The Mount Rainier Bike Co-op will focus on the other end by cleaning up the hiker-biker trail itself (mile 0 on the NW Branch Trail). Please dress appropriately (plastic bags and gloves will be provided upon request)

WHO: Those interested will be joining with other groups including:
- Pickup America & U Maryland students
- Anacostia Watershed Society
- Neighbors of the Northwest Branch

WHEN: Sunday, February 27, 2011 at 11:30am - 2:00pm

WHERE: Those interested in cleaning up the trail can meet up at our designated meet-up and clean-up site (which sits on the Northwest Branch Hiker-Biker Trail on Route 1 near Charles Armontrout Dr.) We will gather in the parking lot across from Rhode Island Reds Cafe (see attached photo for location). For those interested in cleaning up the tributary branch please contact Davey ([email protected]).

QUESTIONS: Please contact Joe Robbins via e-mail (or cell phone ONLY on that day: 240-601-9157)
Thanks in advance for your help in keeping our wonderful watershed and bike trail clean!

Thank you.

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