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I haven't purchased a car recently, but I think there is a sales tax on the purchase of an automobile.

There is not a sales tax, but a "titling fee" which amounts to the same thing, except that it goes only to the transportation fund.

Its the same story for the gas tax, tolls, etc: all the fees charged to cars go only towards motorist-related expenses (mostly roads).

The fees are insufficient, and are made up out of general revenue.

By contrast, every other activity is taxed into the general fund. Ergo, driving is subsidized.

Given the vagaries of taxation, and especially considering that other items (such as food) are also likewise not subject to the sales tax, this is a weak argument, at best. We all know that there is some subsidization of driving. But saying it's subsidized because gas isn't subject to the sales tax is like saying farming is subsidized because groceries aren't subject to the sales tax (and for the most part, they aren't in Maryland)...

I would say that food is subsidized, and rightfully so.


Yes, you are correct--this is an unfair subsidy paid to food-eaters over non- food-eaters.

Those pedal pub things are great; I saw them last year in Dusseldorf and Colongne, Germany (called BierBike there). The only thing I wonder, is it a violation of open container laws?

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