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This project will include both a new south-side trail (between Pershing and Rolfe) and improvements to the north side trail.

Example cross-section:

Not a fan of this intersection at all. And even with the rebuilt trail, you don't fix the (very big, in my opinion) problem of sending cyclists across Fairfax Blvd in front of high speed, nearly blind exits from 50.

Is there a wrong way driver in the rendering?

No. The east-bound lanes are up to the left of the retaining wall.

No. But the cut and paste rendering has all the skill and artistry of a middle schooler. Or maybe they did it with colorforms. God I hate those types of useless renderings.

Nevertheless, woo and hoo for the EB bike lane from Pershing to Rolfe. That will save me almost 1 mile on my commuter route.

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