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Looks like Michael Wardian, a local Arlingtonian who is one of the top "megamarathoners" and ultra runners in the U.S. He had the best finish for an American and for anyone not from a tropical country at the Marathon des Sables last year. That's a 6-day, 156-mile run race across the Sahara Desert. (He warmed up for the race by running two marathons and a half marathon during the 4 weeks before the main event.)

He has won U.S. titles at the 50-mile and 100-mile distances.

He mentioned that he also does some cycling, but running is his main sport.

Yep, that's Wardian on his way to winning his 5th National Marathon... http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/michael-wardian-wins-national-marathon-for-fifth-time-in-six-years/2011/03/26/AF4pr2cB_story.html

Right. He won Sunday's race.

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