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Surely the most famous snarky DC cycling blogger will be touring the city with the most famous snarky NYC cycling blogger?

I wish!

rossevelt island. i lived on it in 1976 its changed but is still interesting for certain urban planning reasons. certainly easy to get to. at least by bike

check out the elevated linear park

The "High Line" is, I think, the elevated linear park Frank refers to. It's really better for walking/running than cycling though - picture a setting like the new Georgetown Waterfront park, with curving paths and lots of landscaping.

Governor's Island is supposed to be interesting, but I don't know if it's open for the season yet (it closes in colder months).

Have you seen the Hudson River Greenway? I think that is pretty cool especially against Maryland trail standards.

I'm in Brooklyn now so if you want to meet up, cool. But be warned I haven't been here that long so I am not much of a tour guide.

You can ride across the GW Bridge. Doesn't get much cooler than that.

sad: I am being forced to move to NYC in August for work. It's a good job and I don't want to give it up, but it will take me away from my beloved DC for two years. Any tips on biking there will be much appreciated. Living in the upper upper upper upper east side and working in flatiron.

I saw the high line last year and it is great, but I don't think you can/should bike it. Thanks for the tips. It's not that I don't have ideas, it's narrowing them down to the best one.

Yeah, the GW bridge is great. You can continue along the Palisades on the NJ side - very scenic.

be careful of the ticketing blitzes in CP, check out nyvelocity.com and nycc.org

River road in NJ which passes under the GW bridge is a good 10 mile road (also continue north on 9W to the RUncible spoon) that's the primo easy straight shot bike ride to do while in NYC.

take the west side bike path all the way to 72nd, then go over to riverside drive and take that to columbia university hospital, then use google maps to figure out how to get to the bridge, the suoth side is the side to ride on, the north side has a bunch of metal stairs, real shitty with cleats. Then cross the bridge, go south (left) to enter river road (you might want to check all this out on google maps) and go north on river road to 9W like I wrote above. CP is a nice ride too. Check out the races at 6am!

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