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When is Capital Bikeshare going to add the proposed stations downtown. I expected it to happen after SmartBike was officially sunsetted around Jan 1 yet nothing happened. Even the press release I read about a March expansion to Rosslyn did not mention the ETA for downtown stations.

For the record I'm talking about 4th & E, 7th & Indiana, 8th & F, 12th & G, 14th & D, etc...

I asked Chris Holben about it and he said "spring". I have found myself often inconvenienced by these missing stations. I say send them an email. Squeeky wheel...

I figured Mr. Hurley was just hopscotching CaBi stations, but hey, he did an awesome job even if he did mathematically rule me out from winning after about two weeks.

Most of the top cyclists daisy-chained short rides in the contest. That's the only way to rack up large numbers of rides each day (unless someone had the time and energy to ride 10 hrs. every day).

It figures that few people are going to take trips over 30 minutes. Doing so on a regular basis can get very expensive. I've miscalculated a couple times and got tagged with the extra $1.50 fee.

For those wondering how Michael Hurley won, Moskowitz reported that Hurley rides very short trips. So it may be that he rides for 5 minutes, checks in a bike and then checks one out)

That was always kind of assumed, right. It was great as a profile-raising stunt, but it wasn't exactly a fair test of (wo)manly endurance, etc...

perhaps next year the winter warrior contest could be updated so that a trip does not count unless you have been bikeless for at least 10 minutes.. that way going to and from the grocery store would count as two trips, but re-checking the bike on the way to the store won't.

CaBi gained some benefits from the contest. The bikes weren't sitting around unused all winter. I think it's probably a little better for the bikes to have some use than to sit idle throughout the cold winter. (I haven't quite figured out how. But I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.)

At least the contest might have helped to keep the bike seats warm for non-contest participants. Maybe.

@Michael H.

I agree. It also helped gain visibility and therefore hopefully support for the system. If everyone just saw the bikes sitting unused they may think it is a waste. Seeing bikes in use, especially during winter, helped their visibility. There was a week that went by where someone didn't ask me about the bikes or how it worked.

*wasn't a week, rather

By a Cabi Corral, do you mean a temporary station for Cabi users attending the festival, or do you mean a general bike valet service that Cabi will run, or something else? I suspect the first option but am unsure.

Thanks again for the great job you do!

The first. I believe they rope off an area and have a bunch of CaBi bikes and people who staff it. You can just hand them your bike and they check it in with a handheld device (or something). So there is no limit to how many they can check in.

Sweet. Thanks! :^)

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