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OK. This took me a while, but you saying b/c Ft. Meyer is closed bikes should be allowed to go uphill through the cemetery?

Is it just me or is that just not an appropriate place for any commuting?

charlie, there is already bike commuting in the cemetery - it's just in one direction. So, to answer your question it is just you. Or at least - that is not the opinion of Ft. Myer and Arlington National Cemetery.

I regularly commute through Fort Myer and the cemetery, and I have asked about the rationale for the policy allowing bicycles to enter the cemetery only from Fort Myer. I was told that the reason is the need for a security check before entering Fort Myer. The guards at the Chapel Gate appear to be Arlington Cemetery personnel, not Fort Myer security guards, and I'm told they do not have the authority to do the security check to enter Fort Myer. This appears to be a Fort Myer policy, rather than a cemetery policy, though cemetery personnel do stop bicyclists from entering the cemetery from Memorial Drive, explaining that they will not be able to enter Fort Myer at the top of the hill.

Permitting bicyclists to commute both ways through the cemetery to Fort Myer would be welcome, but this may need to be discussed with Fort Myer rather than the cemetery. Having to enter Fort Myer through the Wright Gate instead of the Chapel Gate probably adds a half-mile or so to the westbound ride. One consideration, however, is that Arlington Cemetery closes at 5 p.m. October-March, limiting its utility as an evening commuter route.

Fort Myer and Arlington Cemetery personnel are unfailingly pleasant to cyclists, security checks at Fort Myer are generally quick and efficient, and drivers are patient and courteous when sharing the roads. Bike commuters are no more disruptive to the decorum of Arlington Cemetery than pedestrians or cars, and certainly less disruptive than the Tourmobiles with their loudspeakers.

John, thanks for that information. I suppose during the gate construction, the guard currently manning the Wright Gate could be reassigned to Chapel Gate to provide an alternative.

In the long run, if you are correct, some other solution would be needed.

Yes, John's description of the issue is correct (tho' I've occasionally had lengthy ID checks - perhaps my background is more interesting than John's? :)).

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