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wow. any real professional who was working on that wouldn't consider that finished.

the contractor should be blacklisted after they finish the job. would the city let them build a road like that?

@IMGoph You should see the nearby roadway! Someone keeps "maintaining" it by dumping random piles of dirt and gravel all over the place. Cars and trucks turn the gravel into washboard, which is then "repaired" with more gravel.

If we as a community ever succeed in making bicycle travel in DC easy and accessible, I'll need a new source of excitement. For now, I have my daily commute to keep me alert, amused and (sometimes) astounded.

Jonathan: I need to get down that way soon. Haven't been on that trail at all, actually!

I have zero confidence that the contractor will get it right (this has been a total cluster()@# from the beginning). I'll try to make a few passes through to check it out myself in the coming weeks, but hope that others will do the same and document.

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