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I've been playing with a bar-mounted camera this week, and shot some video of the MBT. This was after rush hour, so there weren't very many commuters out, but I figured the light would be better. I'll eventually try to edit this down as more of a short guide. Very nice to see the maintenance crews out on the trail most mornings. The north entrance to the new MBT section is at about the 1:45 minute mark. http://www.vimeo.com/20609796

The new bike lanes will be great, and I thank DDOT wholeheartedly for it. But it seems like they're mostly in NW. Why can't any of them be east of North/South Capitol St?

Most of DC is in NW, for one thing. Then there is an issue with street width. In the older parts of the city, street widths are somewhat random, so there are often extra feet available (too few for a new car lane, but too many for widening the existing lane(s)). EOTR most roads were built to the exact right width for cars, so to put in bike lanes means taking out parking/or traffic lanes.

Out of curiosity, has anyone ever calculated the percentages of land/water area of the four quadrants in D.C.? I did a quick online search and couldn't find anything.

I have never seen a water/land comparison, but as WC hints at, it's important to remember that most of what was once SW DC is now Arlington. And the Capitol is not in the exact center of the city (eye-balling a map, it looks like the Lincoln memorial reflecting pool is a good guess for the true center of the original district), which also makes the NW quadrant larger than the others.

Going on a rough estimate, I'd say that the area of the NW quadrant is somewhere around 60% bigger than NE, and maybe 65% bigger than SE. (I used the hand measurement on the computer screen method. Very scientific. LOL) SE has even less land area than that because of the presence of the Anacostia River.

SW is only a tiny fraction of the size of NW. The area open for bike lanes is very small. Much of the area is taken up by Bolling Air Force Base and East Potomac Park.

I can't comment about the road widths in the different quadrants since I don't ride much in NE and I've never ridden in SE.

Nice video, @Greenbelt! I have ridden much of that route myself quite a few times and it is SO much nicer now that the MBT has been completed. Just out of curiosity, what kind of camera did you use? I have been thinking of getting a helmet or handlebar mounted cam, but don't know which one to get.

Michael/Purple Eagle: ask and ye shall receive...

Sorry for the late response dcbrewer -- if you're still checking this thread, it's a gopro hero camera.

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