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L, NW Penn to NH is going to be a challenge. Do you accomodate straight bikes or left turning bikes at NH? I do either depending on traffic. That's a crowded road in a.m. commute already with narrow lanes and cops at the police station who park at the curb during rush hour.

Good luck.

Sweet. I use at least three of those with some regularity. The two-block-long lane on Columbia a bit west of 16th is ineffective.

Now, to get DDOT to enforce double parking in the bike lanes... and ask buses not to block them... and tell taxis and UPS they should pull over to the curb... and tell that dude smoking a cigar that, no, he shouldn't just stand in the lane looking at me... What, Rupert?... Yes, even him.

Very NW focused. NE is in dire need of better bike network, not to mention SE.

Traffic on 4th St always seems light, at least where it crosses the mall, so I am not sure the lanes are even needed there. But I don't think it hurts.

agreed on L. The intersection of L and NH is a mess and mostly a result of people not knowing which way too turn.

The best improvement at 4th would be to get rid of the cobblestones in any bike lane between the two art museums at Penn.

It's possible to pave a bike lane with cobblestones; here's one outside Copenhagen.

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