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I'm curious: what if I kill a pedestrian, or a cyclist while texting? Does it matter if it's a really important text?

Are you texting your crying baby? Because that's totally OK.

Frosh clearly does not understand the difference between manslaughter and negligent homicide--yet. He hasn't read the bill or been briefed. But he did us a favor by talking to the press anyway, so that we understand his biases and can possibly inform him before it is too late. Alot of people would have just said "no comment" and then we wouldn't know how to help.

@Oboe. In DC, the answer to your question would be "yes". In Maryland the answer is no because you will not be convicted anyway.

On WAMU I heard the following about considering parking fees on Saturday in Bethesda. Note the paragraph where Beliner blames bicyclists for hogging up the spaces.

Montgomery County Could Start Charging For Saturday Parking In Bethesda
Matt Bush
March 30, 2011 - Bethesda is one of the most popular spots in Maryland for shoppers and restaurant-goers on weekends. But those who head there may be paying more to do so if county executive Isiah Leggett's budget proposal is passed.

Because of a lack of revenue, Leggett wants to start charging for parking in county lots and garages in Bethesda on Saturdays, something that is currently free, and contributes to scenes of shoppers filling stores and sidewalks in places like Bethesda Row on weekends.

County Council Member Roger Berliner represents the area. He says he's taking his cues on the issue from the Bethesda business community, which he says is split on the matter.

"We need the money, so if we don't find the money here, we need to find it someplace else. But certainly the business community has expressed some concern," he says.

But Berliner adds some Bethesda business owners think charging for Saturday parking might actually help bring customers.

"Because some people won't just hog a space all day, take their bike, go on the Capital Crescent Trail," he says.

Saturday fees in Bethesda are just part of the parking rate increases Leggett is seeking. He also wants to raise the price of monthly parking passes in both Bethesda and Silver Spring.

Updated: Mar. 30, 2011 at 4:15 am

Glad to see we continue the double standard between breeders and professionals.

My cell phone, your brats...its still distraction.

But think of the children!!!

Words every parent needs to know:
Allowing a baby to cry is not child abuse.

Repeat it until memorized.

Sometimes we all need to cry.

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