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BikeDC reps will be at the ANC2C meeting tonight with DC Councilmember Jack Evans, maybe he can add some influence to the fight. http://tinyurl.com/473zmff

NPS is turning me into a Tea Party sympathizer. Don't Tread on BikeDC

Its a National Park and we can't stop the cars for several hours on a weekend so thousands of people can ride bikes through the park. This makes no sense.

Also, just *thrilled* to see AAA Mid Atlantic subsidizing the war on drivers by sponsoring Bike to Work Day again.

I plan on biking to work on bike to work day, but it seems like the pit stops all open very late. I try to get to work before 7, so I can be showered and working by 7:30. That means leaving around 5 a.m.

If I don't leave that early, traffic gets too bad, and the trails fill up too.

Plus, how can there be no stops anywhere around Rock Creek Park?

as seems usually the case, where is the *reason* that NPS denied the WABA ride? who can we call?

we have no meaningful democracy in the usa in 2011, on so many metrics, across almost every area of quotidian life. the creation of an economic aristocracy is the most malignant of these expressions of anti-democracy.

How do I always manage to poorly plan my vacations?!?!I'm going to be out of town on Bike to Work Day. I ride to work every day anyway, but I'll miss out on the fun and the swag on the "official" day. The Old Town Alexadndria pit stop was fun last year. Oh well...

I used to live in ANC2C and I wish the BikeDC reps well. At least back then it was famous for its dysfunction. Its finances were a mess and it would go 6-7 months at a time without meeting because they couldn't get a quorum. I remember at one point there was a bit of a kerfuffle because the city had granted several liquor licenses without consulting with the ANC, and one commissioner was quoted in the paper saying, "Why would anyone want to come before use, the way we carry on?"

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