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I just sent in a passport renewal form too . . but I'm not sweating too much because I won't be travelling until late in the summer.

Looks like CaBi should be getting an uptick in membership fees (even at a significantly discounted rate) from this weekend's Living Social Deal.

The deal is open for three days, and in the first 2 hours, they've already had 1,200 purchases.

This will:
a) potentially put a strain on the system in the short term, as new riders (especially during the commute) jam up the demand, but
b) hopefully lead to a faster expansion of the system, in terms of bikes, stations, and station size, increasing capacity and usefulness of CaBi.

Yes, BikeDC registration is open. The route is fully permitted. And it's capped at 10,000 riders--so sign up soon.

It was quite a fight to get that permit appealed. Everyone who rides should thank top folks in Arlington, Rep. Moran's office, and some good people at NPS who saw that their rules produced a silly result and did something about it.

If you want the full scoop, maybe we'll host a WABA Fundraiser Lecture entitled "How the Sausage is Made: Permitting Events Across Dozens of Jurisdictions within the Same Ten Miles."
-- "You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be forced to leave early and find a new location when the hosts decide to shut it down because they can't reach a last minute agreement to fund the venue."

"Of course, since that money won't be dedicated to bike sharing, it isn't that much of a loss for cyclists."

I'd call it a huge gain for cyclists (and anyone else with eyes and an appreciation for esthetics). Have you seen the insides of metro stations lately? Every column is wrapped with some meaningless marketing dreck, and every hallway is bedecked with same. In at least one case (Courthouse?), both walls of one hallway had a horizontal row made up of the exact same ad repeated at least a dozen times. I can do without the visual pollution and the assualt (insult) that comes with it.

I think the city and its 'burbs look better when they appear as the city and its 'burbs and not as one huge advertisement for Adobe or Capital One, for example.

Just sayin'...

God, what an ass this man Frosh is. That is all.

@Blue-eyed Devil:

Every been on the London Tube? :)

I'd rather look at advertising on buses, bus shelters and bikeshare bikes than those things not exist.

Even if the advertising dollars don't go towards bikeshare, it will be harder (but I'm sure they'll still do it)for critics to say cyclists don't pay their way.

Does Frosh have any serious opponents, either in the elections or for his spot on the Judiciary comittee? Do they want some $.

@jeff, this isn't an "either/or" case, clearly. And if it were, then something else is wrong that needs fixing. Metrorail is the perfect example of that.

As for critics, well, your parenthetical statement is my response. Critics of publicly funded cycling programs--and cycling in general--rarely worry about accuracy in expressing their opposition.

@oboe, haven't had the pleasure, ha.

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