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Wow indeed! What a big improvement on this stretch of the MVT. Amazing what can happen if multi-use facilities are included as an integral part of planning...

Yep, very happy with the result so far.

So, out of morbid curiosity - anyone ever hear of serious injuries resulting from folks falling off the curb of the old one? I spent a decade riding across that bridge, seeing some unstable cyclist come from the other direction, and thinking to myself "This isn't going to end well." (yet it always did).

I think the old bridge design was like National Airport - it was so dangerous it was safe.

Still to come as part of the bridge rebuild is the new GW Parkway underpass which will greatly improve access to Columbia Island and Ladybird Johnson Park.

That will be a nice result for those that drive down to the MVT, for sure. But the part that will get me very excited is when the Pentagon finally decides to be a good neighbor and lets Arlington complete a connection between that bridge and N. Boundary Channel Dr. That will be a huge improvement in connectivity.

Every day I ride this gem and every time I see a worker, I give 'em a shout-out to the effect of "excellent job!"

It really is refreshing.

You should post some comparison shots between the current bridge and the old bridge from a couple years ago. That will really show how much better the new design is.

In addition to the dangerous former sidewalk across the bridge, I always wondered how many cyclists tumbled down the drop-off at each end of the bridge. It was a fairly steep drop down the trail on both ends of the bridge.

I was reminded of that old configuration when I rode on the 14th St. Bridge path this week. When you turn off at the D.C. end, the path is very narrow as you head toward the Jefferson Memorial. I wouldn't mind seeing that section get widened too.

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