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That planning document just depressed me. Did you count how many roads they wanted to widen to "improve safety and capacity"? I hope I'm wrong, but I expect no improvements to pedestrian and bicycle safety out of those projects.

Even if every one of those trails and bike lanes is built (and 193 by Greenbelt won't), it'll be a wash access-wise if PG ends up a county of 8-lane highways and access ramps.

Nice job on the map. It is really helpful.

The WB&A extension that you have plotted on the map already exists but ends at the river. It has been there for years. I often look longingly across the river and wish for a bridge.

A good bit of the Northern parts of the Folly Branch trail exists in the neighborhood off Forbes.

Yeah, I know about the WB&A, but I was trying to make the map match up with the Google Bike map (which you can't export, but if you click on the link below the map, it takes you to Google Maps and you can switch to it).

Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought I noticed that Google now marks parts of Route 1 in PG county north of the beltway as having bike lanes. Best I can tell, they're painting the center left-turn lane green and calling it a bike lane? Pretty scary. Maybe if it was truly marked it off for bikes only, like the PA Ave median bike lane in DC, it would be OK, with left turns only at designated points and lights, and drivers getting used to not just being able to pull a left just anywhere. But in the meantime, calling a center left turn lane a shared bike lane seems pretty weak.

Is this what they're envisioning for Route 1 farther down toward College Park?

one of those purple "park trails" is the trail along the suitland parkway. that's not a park trail as much as a potential commuter highway. if the suitland federal center could actually be connected to the trails in the city, a LOT of people (myself included) would consider biking to that godforsaken area.

I am a little confused about this - if the list is an official PG county document, why does it appear to come from the city of Bowie? Is there a process in place for public comment on the priority list?

The city of Bowie posted it on their website. That's the only connection. Probably because of where it ranked the Bowie Heritage trail

you explain what the "green" and "purple" lines on the map are, but what is the "blue" line mean? I see that it is MD 450 but are they putting bike lanes?

That is the idea. The blue line means bike lanes.

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