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I wouldn't be surprised if CaBi crosses the 10,000 member mark in the next couple of weeks, as the vouchers from Living Social continue to be processed.

Took the American River Taxi from Nats Park to Georgetown on Thursday night. It's a nice ride, and while I can see that for most bicyclists, it's not long enough for a bike rack to be worthwhile, there are also CaBi stations within a block of both the ballpark and Georgetown stops (and I think the SW Waterfront stop as well).

Once they're fully up and running, they plan to phase in service (either this year or next) to Old Town, National Harbor, and even DCA, although I imagine the permitting on that last one will take some time.

38 members E-O-T-R.

Free the bikes! Bring them back over to where they will be used.

Regarding the Anaocostia Trail - there is a small bridge over a creek between the boardwalk and the wetland area. It's not quite finished, but looks like it won't take much more work. And then they will need to pave the approach from the boathouse parking lot.


After today I hear what you're saying. Yesterday (Saturday) was about one of the most miserable weather days that I can remember.

So it seems like I and just about every other CaBi member was out and about today getting our errands run.

Everywhere I went I was finding nothing but empty stations. People were queueing up at empty stations grabbing bikes as soon as they came in. Now normally I would expect if one side of town was out of bikes then they must all be on the other side of town.

But looking at my iPhone app it seemed to show that the entire town was sans bikes! Where did they all go? Did they fall into the Bermuda triangle?

Perhaps so many people were using CaBi today that the missing bikes were all in transit between stations. If so then we really are going to need more bikes and FAST.

Or did CaBi pull a bunch into the shed for Spring tune ups?

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