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This sounds like a really cool opportunity to support a good cause. I immediately sent this to four friends and think we all may have to participate

The fundraising requirements are quite steep for most people. It sure seemed like participation was low at the inaugural event last fall (Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge).

I think they may want to reconsider their approach. A larger event with a lower registration fee would result in many more participants. They could still have a fundraising component. For example, the Bike for the Heart event that took place in Oct. 2009 had much lower fundraising minimums, but there was an incentive to obtain sponsors because of the prizes for fundraising.

I got a very funny feeling about this event last year when it was called the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Challenge. The Best Buddies charity is a good cause but the event seemed completely targeted at wealthy individuals only, with repeated emphasis on "luxury" and "pampering" in the promotional materials. It's the same with the "gourmet meal" this year. It doesn't seem to fit with the idea that people are supposed to head out there and bike or run. It's a physical activity/sporting event, not a day spa. Or maybe I missed something? I thought physical exertion was a major aspect of cycling and running.

I don't like criticizing a charity event but I think this event needs to be criticized. I saw a lot of ads last fall but I don't know of anyone that actually participated.

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