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Richard Masoner (Cyclelicious) has a good post on the Golden Gate silliness - http://www.cyclelicio.us/2011/golden-gate-bridge-bike-speed-limit/

(And I expect better from Alta. They've done (and are doing) good work here. I suspect, in the end, it's about Richard's point that they were hired to "do *something*" . . . )

Take a look at the Journal where the helmet study was published, the Journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention: http://goo.gl/FHMPF

(The Helmet study is all the way at the bottom, # 83)

If you're looking for somber & depressing (and very esoteric) subject matter, just take a look at some of the titles:

Mixed logit analysis of bicyclist injury severity resulting from motor vehicle crashes at intersection and non-intersection locations

Rib and sternum fractures in the elderly and extreme elderly following motor vehicle crashes

Time saved with high speed driving of ambulances

Overtaking, rear-end, and door crashes involving bicycles: An empirical investigation

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