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Shorpy also has the prototype of our bikeshare bikes, circa 1920:


"The new bike lanes make previously passable roads (15th St.) now much slower. I thought car pooling was supposed to be encouraged but it is now much more difficult including dropping off people. The only response I have seen is "Deal with it.""

Oh, boy. What about babies that need to be dropped off? Has anyone thought about that? Or quadraplegic war heroes? Those guys gave everything they had on the field of battle, and this is how we repay them? And what if intergalactic invasion force lands on the Mall? Won't the cycletracks impede the movement of heavy armor from the north?

"In 2011 America, we will have won the War on Shame."

That's obviously not Kevin Spacey; it's Kaiser Sose!

I think we'll see some good (not great, but good) news re: one of the more annoying sections of the Custis very soon.

There bicycle documentary being shown at the Draft House Tonight.

Does anyone know where we can post positive comments on the 15th st bike lanes?

Dr. Gridlock is taking all comments on it he said last week, I think they may be working on a story about it, so if you have comments, positive or otherwise, you should send them to him. He has a lot of influence on public opinion (IMO)

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