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I think you are missing the point.

Public transport = moving poor people. Bike lanes = toys for Yuppies.

So he is trying to say bike lanes for yuppies make more of us take transportation for poor people.

And that is a potent argument.

Of course, spending a billion a day on imported oil is bad too. Spending a billion a day bombing libya to make oil more expensive is even more stupid....

It may be good politics, but it's bad policy. And it's dishonest. But that's one way to pay your bills. [I've long argued that part of the reason for the wage gap is that women are more ethical.]

Dishonest? Politicians? Republicans? my word. Didn't see that.

Bike lanes are a very interesting republican choke point. Pure culture war stuff -- lycra bikers are evil. You have to wonder how much a GWB could shout that down -- or Gary Johnson. Riding a bike has nothing to do with politics.

Best way to promote it is hot chicks in skirts. I'm sure your lesbian pant suit crowd would shout it down, but as you pointed out, they are more ethical than our gender.

The purpose of bike lanes and high-speed rail projects is to encourage more people to take public transportation. That may make sense in New York and other metropolitan centers in the Northeast Corridor, but it's totally removed from the realities of daily life in most of the rest of this gigantic country.

I'm pretty sure that my least favorite kind of right-winger is the kind that lectures us on the realities of life outside of the metropolitan centers of the Northeast corridor, even though they live in metropolitan centers in the Northeast corridor.

For what it's worth, I live in Iowa, and I ride my bike to work every day, except when the weather is really bad, in which case I take the bus. It's funny how the daily realities of my life are entirely removed from glib right-wing talking points about how life in the heartland is supposed to be.

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