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I would love to bike to work on Capital Hill. However, I can't figure out how to get over the river, safely. I only have two feasible options, the benning road bridge and that is quite a hill for me (I'm a newbie to biking) or riding all the way down to Penn Ave, but getting over the Sousa bridge is like taunting death. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks!

There are only five options in the District. The two you named, the 11th Street Bridge, East Capitol and the Douglass Bridge. I find the Sousa to be completely safe though. Is it getting to the Sousa that makes you nervous? Is it getting over the Anacostia Freeway that you're having trouble with?

I can see why Marylanders would help fill up the DC classes. I can't says I have seen any of the classes offered in PG county for the past several years now. Lots in DC and several in VA, but in MD, not so much. Too bad. I would like to take one.

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