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Sweet. On Friday I was at the South Cap end and the trail looked like it wanted to continue south.

Can you get from the railroad tracks north of Penn to Benning Road?

I actually liked running on the base before they poured the asphalt. Oh well.

Last time I was there, it was possible to cross the tracks at grade and access the paved section of trail/service road that runs north to Benning Rd. However, there is a fence on the north side of the tracks. Peds/runners can sqeeze through a gap, but it would not be advisable to try on a bike. And I don't think CSX wants people crossing at grade there - they are nervous about safety for obvious reasons.

I imagine it will be this fall, at the earliest, that the bridge over the tracks is finished, since there is now a delay due to nesting ospreys.

With regard to the trail "wanting to go south" from South Cap - there is a levee along the river that can be seen from the bridge area, but I think it's inside the security perimeter for Bolling AFB.

How close is the riverwalk from connecting to the Anacostia tributary trails?

The new segment of the Anacostia Trails system, heading south from Bladensburg Waterfront Park, was nearly done when I was there ~a month ago. That trail ends just north of US 50. My understanding is that DC is working on the design for the final section, from there to Benning Rd. I have no idea when we can expect them to actually start construction. Washcycle reported on the routes that are planned a few months back.

Here are a few photos that I took of the new section south of Bladensburg.

but why would i or anyone else car about this trail?

it connects to what?

Nice to see the ped walking to the right on the trail and not down the center of the trail :)

Dave, you can cross it - as Purple Eagle said - but it's trespassing. And now it's blocked off to let the Ospreys do their thing.

Ron, Hard to say. The EA for the DC section is being reviewed. Then it just needs to be approved, funded, designed and built. I'd put the over/under at Spring 2015.


You're an idiot. That's the dumbest question ever asked on this blog. And it doesn't help that it's tinged with narcissism and racism. Get your head on straight, or get lost.

Any good on road routes to bridge the two? Google has me going west of the river. I guess a WAGBRADish jag to the east then south through the neighborhoods would work?

The area is crisscrossed with highways, tracks and waterways. It's a bit of a maze!

If you aren't willing to trespass (and I totally am. Last time I ran into a couple of kids playing alongside the Ringling Brother's train - which they live on as their dad is some sort of performer, how cool is that? It was parked right there for a while I guess.) Then your best bet is Nicholson to Minnesota to Benning.

Ron, if you are asking about getting from Bladensburg Waterfront Park to Anacostia Park (connecting the Anacostia Tributary Trails to the Anacostia Waterfront Trail) I think your only option is to take Bladensburg Rd to Benning Rd. Which helps explain why building this connection will be such a big deal!

Is there a map of what's completed of the ART?

Not that I know of.

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