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Wow...our BicycleSPACE ride went through there this afternoon...must've happened after we passed through.

Reportedly the police were there for hours, so it sounds like you were early.

My wife saw all the police cars there at 4. I feel bad because I live up the hill from there and it could have been me.

IIRC, we passed through sometime between 1:30 and 2pm, so it must've been after that.

Someone on Arlnow is reporting that it happened around 3, so about an hour or so after we went through.

it happened on the service road four mile. the cyclist reportedly tried to cross the road approx 40 ft before the stop sign on the service rd portion of four mile, rt before the intersection w/walter reed. the window of the car was shattered, the helmut was found quite a ways from the body so apparently quite an impact. so terrible.

If that's the case (WVS resident's description), I don't understand where the cyclist would have been crossing from/to. There's just a sidewalk (no curb cut or reason for a cyclist to be on it) on one side, and same on the other. A cyclist passing through there will usually stick to the FMR trail or ride in the service road (no reason to cross service road that makes sense to me).

Car was facing Walter Reed Dr., no apparent skid marks. No obscured entries/exits from the road there, either - it's wide open.

Just no obvious explanation, yet.

40 ft before a stop sign and no skid marks? Irresponsible driving would be a plausible explanation.

So sad to learn of this.

that's part of the issue, the cyclist crossed at a very odd place and that would explain the lack of skid marks. there are always loads of cars parked back to back on the wknds.

Here's an update with the ACPD release (short version: they say the cyclist came down Walter Reed fast, swung wide into oncoming lane), map, and a couple of scene photos - http://blacknell.net/dynamic/2011/05/08/cyclist-dies-in-arlington/

Withholding judgment till we get more info. It's a plausible explanation, though.

@WVS - this happened well clear of the cars, though.

Condolences. What a sad tragedy.

I don't want to rush to judgment, I'm just deeply affected.

Our transportation system is too unforgiving. One should be allowed to become disoriented on a non-highway road and not have to die as a result. We all get confused at times.

I'm thinking, I know a lot of people who get around on bicycles. Do I know this particular victim too?

The woman who organized the first DC Kidical Mass ride and her child were just struck on Friday and the driver fled the scene.

People need to drive like their lives depend on it, because our lives do. That means driving more slowly and being prepared to stop on time if a child runs out into the street. Driving is not a safe activity and should be done very cautiously, and our laws should reflect that.

In full agreement with you, BicycleSPACE.

This real sad news find me here tonight just as I'm prepping everything for what looks like a solid week of great weather for commuting.

My condolences to the family.

The woman who organized the first DC Kidical Mass ride and her child were just struck on Friday and the driver fled the scene.

I'd like to hear more about this as well.

If the cyclist was traveling south on Walter Reed, as was indicated in a report on WJLA news, he could be traveling pretty fast down the slope before turning right. Perhaps he overshot the turn and ran into the vehicle.


JeffB, I talked to her just today. She was hit crossing the street and managed to fall in a way that her child fell on her, and she didn't hit her head. Her knee was pretty bad, but today she was able to walk around on it. The doctor's didn't find anything too bad, but they said some damage doesn't show up until the swelling goes down.

The driver hit her. Then backed up and drove around her and sped away. Reportedly the driver let a passenger out in an alley a little ways a way and that person took off running.

So she is injured, but OK. Her child is fine. The driver is a douchebag.

@JeffB Her name is Megan and her twitter handle is @KidicalMassDC, where she recounts the trauma. This is a link to her site: http://kidicalmassdc.blogspot.com/

@Bruce Wright, that's exactly what I was thinking. That's a very steep hill, coming southbound on Walter Reed Drive. You can easily get up to 25 mph+ on a bike in just a few blocks.

My first thought was that the cyclist was going fast down Walter Reed and then swept wide on the right turn and got into the wrong lane. From the photos with the orange markings, it looks like the car was in the correct lane.

In any case, sad to hear about this. I hope other people remember to slow down early before nearing that intersection when going downhill on Walter Reed Drive. Check your brakes before riding that hill. Otherwise you can get into a lot of trouble at that spot.

We're all making an assumption that the cyclist intended to turn onto the access road.

Given that the W&OD trail is right there maybe his intention was to go straight but a car (not the one he hit) pulled in front of him and forced him to bail into the slip turn onto the access road?

Another possibility is that he intended to go straight across the main road and had the green light when, again, a car coming out of the access road forced him to turn to avoid a collision.

Motorists often underestimate the speed of cyclists.

The use of the phrase "occupied vehicle" is interesting. Does that mean that the car was parked and stationary at the time of impact, with someone in it?

Otherwise, why bother saying occupied? All moving vehicles are occupied, but not all stationary vehicles.

Some vehicles are occupied, but not moving.

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