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I always suspected that BTWD was an MPD sting operation. That picture of the Mayor and Wax Abe is hilarious. He better be careful that it doesn't hound him like the Dukakis picture in the tank many years ago.

I stopped by the Crystal City pit stop. I missed the Freedom Plaza festivities. I'll have to check it out next year.

My family showed up at 2:25 in the Mallin video. Woo, we're famous!

(also, kudos to the 16 month old who spent nearly four hours on a bike without making a fuss)

I got a flat on my way to the College Park pitstop. Kudos to REI for providing a bike mechanic at that site who took care of it for me . . I had forgotten to replace my spare tube after the last time I used one.

I feel the same way about coffee and whatnot. I undersand they want to create a party and not charge for food, but couldn't they have some real food/drink with any profits going to a non-participating group like Bikes for the World or something?

Thanks for the photo of Tregoning's awesome bike shoes!

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