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Don't we need to distinguish between AAA(i.e., the national umbrella organization referred to here) and the Mid-Atlatic franchise of AAA run by Lon Anderson and propagator's of the "War on Driver's" chant?

Jim: thanks for your comments on the DOT blog. I really had to laugh at the shellacking everyone gave to the stupid proposal of NHTSA and AAA

Perhaps not on this issue. AAA Mid-Atlantic opposes converting general lanes to bike lanes, but that is consistent with cyclists taking the lane instead. Do you think that the national AAA favors converting travel lanes to bike lanes?

And by "divergent perspectives", of course, we mean "Cyclists are right, and drivers are fucking wrong."


@SJE. Thanks. By the way my previous comment was replying to JeffB.

I heard a report on NPR this weekend where a AAA rep from Florida had very good things to say about cycling too.

Lon Anderson can bite it.

The "Motorist Perspective" that "Share the Road" signs mean that bikes need to get out of the road is just Exhibit #63 that drivers don't know the rules of the road. Yet they yell at cyclists for not following rules that they themselves don't understand.

Interesting CBO report (testimony) on highway costs and revenues released today: http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/121xx/doc12173/05-17-HighwayFunding.pdf

I don't understand it very well, but it certainly makes the case the fuel taxes and user fees don't come close to covering the cost of highways.

All this talk about the share the road sign has convinced me that it should be retired and replaced with the already authorized "Bikes may use full lane" regulatory sign.

I think, space permitting, the signs should say: "Reminder: Bikes may use full lane"

Otherwise, some drivers may infer that bikes can't legally have the lane on roads that don't have the sign.

How about flipping it around? "Bike Route. Motorized vehicles may also use"

I wouldn't mind a sign marking road conditions that result in fast moving bicycles. Kind of like road signs that show you a curve in a road and warn you to go 25 mph temporarily rather than the 45 mph speed limit.

It could show a downhill bicycle going 25 mph. Inform drivers that bicycles arn't going "5 mph" and many more of them will be more patient.

@Oboe. Sorry I beg to differ. By "divergent expectations" I mean that the highway department and MUTCD have failed the minimum standards of a traffic control device, which is that everybody agrees what they mean. "Share the road" signs are more like an upside down traffic light.
It is noteworthy that DOT, which also organizes the MUTCD committee, as posted material highlighting the defects in this sign.

@JJJ, there is a serious push in Maryland to stop installing additional Share the Road signs, but officials need to be persuaded. Officials say that cyclists have not complained to the SHA web site about drivers failing to understand what the signs mean, so it must not be a problem. The NHTSA posting wll help a bit, but SHA needs direct evidence (e.g. specific incidents of people honking when you take the lane on a state highway).

Did anyone notice that all the recent AAA press room releases and their new "share the road" site seem to highlight the number deaths of cyclists? The press releases (two that I have seen) start off with such statements. Seems to be a theme. No mention of how cars contribute to those numbers. It says to me, "Cycling is very dangerous, but you might live if you listen to us... and good luck."

I don't think the new AAA message sets a good tone. I hope LABs recent collaboration can adjust that. I do think it would be great if LAB and AAA are sending the same message to cyclists and motorists so that there is one perspective on the road.

Each year, AAA members are asked to endorse a director as their proxy. For those that can't or don't want to cancel their AAA membership, are there recommendations for directors that are pro-bicycle?

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