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The bridge is the one that's just off to the right when you've turned left after coming down the Brandmore Castle hill. It's mostly used by pedestrians to get to EFC Metro station. This replacement does provide something of an opportunity to reconsider the design of the trail at that point. The series of right angle turns could probably be eliminated, I think.

Also, the Four Mile Run bridge discussion is just that, right now. No solid plans or commitment. It would be a substantial bridge, elevated over FMR, that provided a means of continuing a parallel route along Columbia Pike (because the actual Columbia Pike bridge there is a mess, and not very welcoming to pedestrians or cyclists).

any word on how much the new bike light at scott and lee highway cost?

The new button placement (lower) is a bit more convenient than the old one.

Not sure, Charlie. More than most expect, I imagine. Was funded (I believe - this is a hazy recollection) by a Fed grant, and it's part of an experimental/evaluation process for this kind of signal/installation. At some point, we'll see before and after numbers for compliance. Can't say that I'm terribly optimistic about them, but I've certainly been wrong before.

Well, I think they replaced the call buttons -- not the placement -- on the other side of the highway. And they tinkered with the timing -- looks like a pedestrian gets a few seconds before the light turns.

There was a fleet of trucks there for at least 2-3 days....

what is really needed there is either a bike lane on the bridge -- or better just a ramp to put the bikes on the sidewalk over the bridge. It is very wide and not used much.


I am looking for advice on how to bicycle to the George Shultz Center in Arlington, VA. (4000 Arlington Boulevard)

I’ll be biking down the Capital Crescent Trail to Georgetown and then was thinking of crossing over the Francis Scott Key bridge. Looks like Arlington Blvd goes right there, but traffic probably bad. Maybe part of the route would be to cut through Arlington Cemetery somehow?

I don't know, but the Bike Arlington forum probably has you covered.


Arlington Blvd has sidepaths and/or frontage roads (signed as a bikeway) along one or both sides, so that's one option, and it's less hilly than alternative routes.

Alternately, head west to Ballston via Wilson Blvd/Fairfax Dr or the Custis Trail, then take N Quincy St/Henderson Rd to George Mason Dr.

Ft Myer to west on 2nd St S is another option. After crossing S Fillmore St, go south to 7th St St, then west on 7th St S to S Quincy St. Turn right on S Quincy St to enter the Schultz Center's southern entrance.

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