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Wonderful post.

Wow, you have out-done yourself on this fantasy plan. Looks great.

When I try to open the interactive version of the map, I am getting a small window that can't be re-sized . . is that something you can fix with the settings for the link, or is it a problem with my browser?

Hmm. It works for me in both Chrome and Firefox. Anyone else having trouble?

Right-click+open in new tab allows me to view a full-screen map.

NPS might balk at all that new pavement . . but as you note, if funding were available, it could be a good opportunity to demonstrate better stormwater management techniques.

I am using IE 8. I often have trouble viewing your blog in Firefox, which is normally my preferred browser.

This is very good. 1. All the more reason to have a DC Bike summit, like the recent one in Montgomery County. 2. All the more reason to put out there the idea of the region bidding for the 2014 American Trails conference.

3. I think I've blogged about there needs to be true regional planning for at least three types of infrastructure: roads and highways; transit; and bikeways. This is another example of the importance of the third.

Terrific post. The east side is a challenge but I ride from Capitol Hill to Deale via Upper Marlboro without touching a single piece of your layout. A bike lane on Marlboro Pike between Alabama Avenue and Kipling Parkway, and a ped/bike bridge over the Patuxent next to Route 4, are all that are needed to make this a safe on-road alternative to the Cheseapeake Beach trail until it can be built.

Incredible - thanks!

A bike-ped bridge over the Patuxent along route 4 might be needed for the Ches Bay Rail Trail to cross the river too. I am not sure that the people who administer Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary will want the trail passing through the preserve along the right-of-way. But that's just a hunch . . I have been working with the educators/researchers at the santuary for the past 7 years so I have some sense of their thinking.

@Purple Eagle That's disappointingly limited thinking if true. There must be an incredible volume of runoff from the residential development on the eastern Patuxent shore upstream, more damage than through bicycle and walking traffic could do.

@Read Scott Martin:

I ride from Capitol Hill to Deale via Upper Marlboro without touching a single piece of your layout.

What's the route? Google Maps says to take Central Ave.

What about just a little more trail past Oxon Hill Farm to National Harbor by way of (parellel to) I295? It would be tight in around the bridge over the Oxon Creek inlet but it's possible.

Great plan. What's really nice about it is that it could be done with relatively little investment, since most of the ROW is already government owned.

It would be nice to think of such plans for other local areas. For example, NoVa inside the beltway has great bike access, but the rest of Fairfax county not so much. One high impact investment would be to find ways to connect inside the beltway trails, such as Eisenhower Ave. Holmes run with the Fairfax Cross County Trail, which is bikeable south of Rt. 50, but which is difficult to reach from inside the beltway.

Randall, I thought about that, but in the end it just seemed so unlikely. But it is an excellent connection for sure. Maybe - this being a fantasy - I should have included it.

@ oboe Penn AVe > Minn Avenue - Mass Ave - Alabama Ave - Marlboro Pike - Kipling Parkway - Darcy Road across the Beltway - Westphalia Road - then Richie Marlboro or Brown Station Road into Upper Marlboro. Before 7 am on a weekend morning there isnt a car to be seen on the PIke but by midmorning it's crowded.

A truly epic post. Your knowledge of regional biking, the actual and the possible, is amazing. Nonpareil.

@Purple Eagle - SHA allows bicycles to use the shoulders on Route 4 to cross the Patuxent.

@Wash: some of your purple "wished for" trails in PGC are in fact proposed trails which exist on a county planning map I found somewhere. It might only exist in hard copy, but I have a copy at home and can scan it for you.

Froggie, I'd love to see that.

@ froggie SHA probably allows this crossing only because there are no other ways across the river. While true enough permitted, re Patuxent the shoulders on Rte. 4 are less than a yard wide on the bridge itself, partially occluded by sand and road glass, cars approaching at speeds no less than 50 mph from the surrounding hills.

Brown Station Road? youre joking right?

most of the roads in pg county (ward nine) are dangerous for bikes.

coming from upper marlboro you can take rt 4, it has a shoulder the whole way to near andrews...when the big shoulder ends you jump on the street to the right...and follow it (one grass cut through is required) to Penn near the beltway, and Penn Ave has a big shoulder until the DC line...

yeah i know, its illegal to do this -- big fucking deal. do you know how many cops have passed me and never stopped me?! -- hundreds at this point. likewise for the clara barton parkway -- illegal, but i do it all the time and the ops wave or ignore me!! law enforcement are retards, as they prove over and over again...

the big question for EOTR: its just so FORGETTABLE over there; it's so damn ugly; there arent any places worth going to! THATS the problem folks: low quality culture and a low quality built environment. until that is fixed it won't gentrify...and if that doesnt happen, bikes wont show up (sorry WABA). discuss with an expert like Layman...this isnt rocket science -- it is class-based segregation american style.

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