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I am still looking for a news item on a hit and run between the manager of the Bike 'n' Roll / Bike Station at Union Station, and a car. The staff working at the Bike Station yesterday had the manager's bike on display, the rear wheel was snapped in two places. Supposedly this happened downtown on Saturday and the driver of the car was caught when passersby noted his license plate. Charges are pending, I heard it may be assault...

I had a "silver" CaBi ride this morning, took a bike from the full rack at L'Enfant and returned it at navy yard (which was only half full).

I wanna check out these ospreys.

Hopefully the contractor can make good use of the time on other parts of the project. How about the other side of the river? Have the "wetland" issues been resolved there?

Victim Says he was Attacked on Metropolitan Branch Trail

I think it may be time for some organized group rides on the MBT: Maybe one woman, or a small dude off the front, and a chase group of, say, fifty riders 20 seconds behind them.

Where on the MBT was the attack? On the new trail or on the temporary road sections?

The attack on teh MBT was between where the trail goes over Rhode Island and the exit at 8th/Franklin. After the assult the punks ran to the parking lot of RI Shopping Center.

And I agree with oboe...lets do a group ride!!!

I don't know if this has been discussed here in other contexts, or what the pros and cons are, but maybe some surveillance cameras would help prevent crime on that stretch? I've always wondered why there weren't more cameras in the bike parking areas at Metro stations.

Greenbelt, I remember in a meeting about the coming of the MBT in 2007 in Brookland, the audience raised this issue, mentioning things like call boxes and lighting (lighting is there, sort of).

I think I mentioned the need for a security plan. And we talked about having the police do ride throughs (on bikes, not cars). I don't know if there is a security plan for the trail, I presume there is, but I've never tried to track one day.

I don't think I've seen a police officer on the trail once, now that I think about it.

And you're right that the area around the RI Shopping Center has a propensity for problems and should be monitored (except the way security cameras work, I don't know how helpful they'd be).


track one day is supposed to be track one down.

I saw a whole caravan of police cruisers on the trail once -- I think they were in training, probably to show them where the trail was. And I saw a cop on a bike by the NY Ave station last night. I've never had any problem on the trail, even late at night, and I'm seeing a lot more people on it lately. But more security would be always be nice.

The Post reports today that the ospreys might get a permanent nesting platform in that area for future nesting seasons.

Also, I attempted to comment on this earlier but there must have been a bug in my browser - if you follow the link to the DDOT press release (in the original post above) there are photos of the nest on the crane.

Isn't there another osprey nest on the Douglass bridge?

According to the Post article I linked too, there is indeed another nest on the Douglas Bridge, and one in Kenilworth Gardens, and one on the USS Barry in the Navy Yard. I guess the lower Anacostia is pretty good habitat (if the birds can avoid eating fish contaminated with mercury or PCBs).

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