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From Halsey's article: That was an era in which scant few adults rode bicyclists other than on vacations.

It's Bike Month! Have you ridden your bicyclist yet?

In terms of BIXI, it looks as if Toronto and Montreal were set up as loans, rather than as programs. BIXI got a loan to set up the system, rather than direct funds, and has been using the money from expansion (london mostly, then dc) to pay for Montreal operations.

Also some serious reports of corruption. Using office space owned by CEO (bad) and using CEO's wife as employee (sort of bad).

The entire london system only cost 49 million C.

That TBD article is annoying helmet-centric.

Halsey's hit piece, I mean article, is bound to ignite a flame war. Nothing good ever comes of that. I haven't checked yet, but I'm willing to bet WashingtonDame has already trotted out her story of being hit by a rogue cyclist.

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